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Whether your interests lie in electronic check conversion using the newest imaging technology, simple risk avoidance via paper-based check approval, electronic ATM payroll cards, or one of our unique “All-In-One” combination gift and loyalty card programs, Bank Transactions is helping business change the way it operates – implementing enhanced check fraud algorithms, focusing on new customer marketing strategies, maximizing untapped opportunity, protecting profits and increasing revenues. And that is no small change.

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  • Tech Lobby Warns Coronavirus Could Wipe Out Startups
    The U.K. tech lobby is reasserting the need to help EU startups with funding as venture capital money dries up in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  A coalition of startup groups sent a joint letter to Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, on Friday (April 3) asking that startups get a […]
  • Etsy Provides Some Clues On March Retail Numbers
    The first of what is expected to be a series of informal retail reports on March results was delivered Thursday afternoon (April 2), this one from Etsy. As expected, the volume swings from January through the end of March were dramatic for the online seller marketplace. But what was not expected was an uptick as […]
  • SMBs Face An Impossible Conundrum With The Coronavirus
    The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the economy, with individuals staying at home as they purchase less and save while retailers and vendors work to stop the contagion’s spread. The resulting fall in revenues has put many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in an impossible situation. PYMNTS asked 200 SMB owners how the virus spread is impacting their companies, […]
  • Startup Debuts Thermal Wellness Tech, Right When The World Needs It
    It’s June 2013. Barack Obama is president. “The Purgeâ€� rules the box office. Wuhan is known only as the transportation hub of central China. And a young MIT engineering student named Sam Shames is bored. “We were doing a prototyping contest and got tired of having to put on sweatshirts to stay comfortable in an […]
  • Online Grocery Reaches Critical Juncture
    Essential retail is starting to show some consistency as the acute phase of the COVID-19 crisis enters its second month. New research from several sources shows that consumers are changing the way they shop for consumer packaged goods (CPG), groceries and dining. In short, consumers are ready to shop online for essential items, when they […]
  • PPP Lender Requirements
    Update: A list of all PPP-approved lenders can be found here The elusive application to apply for PPP lender-approved status is expected to become available sometime on Friday. In the meantime, the SBA has published the requirements that a financing provider will have to meet to be eligible for approval. Federally insured depository institutions are […]
  • Fundry Supports Jersey City Small Businesses and Local Police Departments in Response to Crisis
    Fundry, a small business finance provider, is helping to feed police officers in Jersey City. A tweet sent out by the City of Jersey City twitter account said that the company is buying meals at local small businesses to provide to police stations every day for the next 2 weeks. Amelia’s Bistro, described as a […]
  • Independent Community Bankers Express Doubt PPP Can Be Rolled Out As Is
    Update: The Treasury Secretary announced this evening that the interest rate on PPP loans has been increased to 1%. He also said that the program will roll out on Friday, April 3rd despite what people are hearing out there. Chase Bank, however, has already come out and announced that they will not be accepting applications […]
  • StreetShares Posts Another Loss
    Sales and Marketing Expenses declined dramatically for StreetShares for the six-month period ending December 31, 2019, according to the company’s latest SEC filing, but the company’s payroll expense still wildly exceeded revenue, putting them yet again into deep net loss territory. StreetShares recorded total operating revenues of $2.43M, payroll expenses of $3.49M, and a net […]
  • Cybersecurity in the Time of a Pandemic
    Earlier this month the FBI released a statement warning against increased instances of cybersecurity attacks on businesses and individuals during the coronavirus pandemic. Among the Bureau’s recommendations was the suggestion to be wary of any links purporting to offer coronavirus cures, preventative equipment like N95 masks, or instant access to a stimulus package. As well […]